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KY-120H Ketone Resin

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KY-120H Ketone Resin

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Detailed introduction


Ketone Resin

    KY-120H Ketone Resin is also called Cyclohexanone-Formaldehyde resin and is a kind of condensation from cylohexonone and formaldehyde. It includes carbonyl and hydroxyl group, and can be also called ketone-aldehyde resin, ketonic resin and polyketone resin. It shows excellent compatibility with many coating/printing raw materials. It is soluble in most organic solvents and has very good wetting and dispersion in the formulation of paints. It is a kind of marvelous multifunctional coating additive used to improve the adhesion, gloss and hardness. It can also be used in universal pigment pastes. 




eye test

White or little yellowish beads or powder

softening temperature             (ISO 4625-1:2004)

Degree Celsius


color number (ISO 4630-1:2004)



acid value (ISO 2114-2000)

mg KOH/g


hydroxyl value(DIN 53240-2:1998)

mg KOH/g






 ● Because of their excellent solubility and compatibility, KY-120H can be used in many types of ink/coating formulations.

 ● Depending on the application, KY-120H can improve the gloss, hardness, adhesion, solid content.

 ● Because of their good pigment wetting and very low solution viscosity, KY-120H can be used for the manufacture of pigment pastes with a high pigment content.

 ● KY-120H is very stable in heat and can be used for baking finishes, and it will not cause odor or discoloration.

 ● Because of its relatively low solvent retention, it only leads to a slight increase in the drying time of physically drying finishes (e.g. cellulose and nitrate).

 Storage and shipping                                                 

    Shipped in a light-free condition and stored at a dry room temperature. Shelf life is usually 1 year. If the bags are not open, that are stored in a dry and well ventilated place, and if the property is tested OK, it can last up to 2 years.

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